And we’re excited to share the news! First and foremost, we’re so pleased to introduce the newest addition to the team (or, dare we say, “Wolf Pack”), agent Kate Johnson, who comes to us by way of Georges Borchardt, Inc. She’s a brilliant, insightful, sincere reader, editor, person, and friend, and we’re beyond excited for her to join us here!


Meanwhile, Adriann Ranta has been promoted to senior agent and vice president of Wolf Literary, while Allison Devereux has moved up to associate agent and foreign & subsidiary rights manager. Kirsten Wolf, president and owner, has not been promoted. But she continues to reign supreme.


In light of these job updates, we thought we’d revamp our bios and give more in-depth information about the types of books each of us is looking for. Without further ado…



Adriann Ranta

Adriann Ranta is senior agent and vice president at Wolf Literary Services. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of Arizona, Adriann’s first introduction to publishing was at The Editorial Department, a freelance editorial firm based in Tucson, AZ. After making the move to New York, Adriann spent two years at Anderson Literary Management before moving to Wolf Literary in 2009.


She represents New York Times bestselling, award-winning authors, journalists, illustrators and graphic novelists, as well as actors, stuntwomen, makeup artists, and many other pioneering creative thinkers and leaders in their fields. She is actively acquiring all genres for all age groups with a penchant for edgy, dark, quirky voices, unique settings, and everyman stories told with a new spin. She loves gritty, realistic, true-to-life stories with conflicts based in the real world; women’s fiction and nonfiction; accessible, pop nonfiction in science, history, and craft; and smart, fresh, genre-bending works for children.


More specifically, she’s always looking for exciting new MG and YA with voice-y protagonists, snarky humor, and surprising, twisty concepts. She’d love more contemporary YA; intelligent, big-hearted MG; awesome graphic novels for kids; and utterly original PBs.


On the adult side, she loves books on “cool women doing badass things,” and is very interested in the modern female experience, feminism, and general lady badassery. She loves eco-fiction and -nonfiction, particularly with a gritty, MONKEY WRENCH GANG sensibility; books that straddle the commercial/literary divide; and anything with punchy, quotable prose. She’d love to do more memoir, graphic novel, blog-to-book, humor, craft, how-to, and other inventive, fun prescriptive nonfiction.


She does not represent erotica, spiritual, or academic titles.



Kate JohnsonKate Johnson is a literary agent at Wolf Literary Services, based in Glasgow and New York. Prior to joining Wolf Literary Services, Kate was an agent and vice president at Georges Borchardt, Inc., for more than eight years. She previously edited and reported at StoryQuarterly,, New York magazine and elsewhere, and graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.


Kate represents award-winning novelists and journalists. She is actively acquiring adult fiction, and looks for a work that combines both a strong story and a strong voice, hitting the sweet spot between literary and commercial. She is drawn to strong characters and sense of place, psychological suspense, family sagas, magical realism and a book that can make her laugh, cry, and miss her stop, all in one subway ride. Nonfiction-wise, Kate is on the hunt for cultural history, literary memoir, the occasional, not-too-belligerent polemic, and narrative nonfiction (particularly related to food, art, pop culture, history, politics and the environment).


She likes to work collaboratively with her authors to edit and refine their projects, through all stages of their career. She does not represent erotica, sci-fi, diet books, young adult or children’s books. Query by email preferred.



Allison DevereuxAllison Devereux is associate agent and foreign & subsidiary rights manager at Wolf Literary Services. She also assists Gillian MacKenzie of the Gillian MacKenzie Agency. She has been with WLS since 2012, working closely with Senior Agent and VP Adriann Ranta, with whom she jointly represents clients.


A Texas native, Allison earned her B.A. at the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated from the Plan II Honors Program. Before coming to WLS, Allison worked at Macmillan in Tor Books’ managing editorial department; prior to that, she was an Editorial and Design Assistant at the Institute of Classical Archaeology in Austin, as well as an intern at the Harry Ransom Center.


Allison is looking for literary and upmarket commercial fiction with fresh, unique voices and tight prose. She enjoys stories set in familiar, relatable settings, with everyman characters who find themselves in unlikely, surprising, and unexpected situations. She is also passionate about magical realism (more real than magic), and idiosyncratic, picaresque characters.


For nonfiction, Allison is interested in narrative nonfiction, compelling memoir, and books on popular and contemporary culture with a strong, original premise. She is looking for illustrated/graphic books for adults (both fiction and non), as well as blog-to-book projects. She also loves a good humor book.


Allison tends to shy away from science fiction, fantasy, and other genre fiction. She is not interested in self-help, erotica, spiritualism, hard SF, epic fantasy, or stories about fairies.



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