Congratulations, Chelsea Marshall and Mary Dauterman! Their hilarious, satirical “children’s book” for adults, WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING WITH OUR LIVES?, publishes today from Dey Street Books/HarperCollins.


I met Mary a decade ago, in our very first week of college. We were both expert in-class doodlers, but my artistic skills stopped there. Mary, as evidenced by this brilliantly illustrated picture book, would go on to achieve much bigger and better things.


Chelsea entered our world a few years letter, when the three of us found ourselves in a semester-long academic immersion program in Spanish drinking culture. Who could have guessed as we sat botellón-ing with Don Simon sangria in Madrid’s Retiro Park that 10 years later, publishing dreams would come true?


In all seriousness, these ladies are insanely funny and hugely talented, and I’m so proud to have helped them publish their silly, earnest depiction of modern work & life for millennials (and those who love them). In WHAT ARE WE EVEN DOING WITH OUR LIVES?, Mary & Chelsea introduce us to careers like life coach, cat landlord, baby DJ teacher, app developer, iPhone photographer, new media consultant, beauty blogger, and, of course, freelancer. On the street, in the coffee shop, at the farmer’s market, or the local vegan café, you’ll meet new friends like web TV stars Frances and Sadie, Freelance Frank, and Cat Landlord as they bike, drive, bus, hoverboard, and ride-share their way around town—or just sit and enjoy a latte while doing important things on their devices.


Celebrate with us at the book launch tonight at Ode to Babel in Brooklyn from 7-10 pm.


And buy your copy here: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IndieBound, HarperCollins, Books-A-Million