EdibleI met Daniella Martin through a New Yorker profile called “Eating Bugs to Save the Planet,” a totally fascinating investigation on entomophagy–eating bugs. After discovering Daniella’s fabulous blog and traveling insect cooking show, both of the name “Girl Meets Bug,” I was utterly charmed by her humor, accessibility, passion, insight, and snappy, conversational writing style. The perfect author, folks!!


She is the Mary Roach of roaches: a pop-science darling with an evangelical passion for her subject. And no one makes a better case for the nutrition, economy, and logic of insects as a viable food source than Daniella in her new book Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet.


As she says on her blog:


“This book has taken a third of my life to write: it includes nearly 13 years of study, travel, following my curiosity, and researching weird stuff most people never even think to think about. Not to mention all the crazy stuff I ate.


I’ve been bitten and stung by all kinds of bugs, in all kinds of places, to make this book. I tasted over 35 different species, including those that are venomous, squishy, slimy, and even alive. I had 48 hours in beautiful Phuket, and spent most of them in the mosquito-ridden forest so I could eat giant palm larvae (I literally had 45 minutes at the beach). I got very ill in gorgeous places. I puked repeatedly in a 5 star hotel. ALL FOR YOU.

Eating insects is the Next Big Thing. Nations around the world are waking up to this idea, to the potential it has to change the way we eat and relate to our environment. Millions are being spent to discover just how far we can run with something that we’ve overlooked till now. This book will get you up to date on why, how, and where to eat bugs. It’s an adventure totally unlike anything you’ve seen or heard, a new dimension in science, nutrition, travel, culture and cuisine.


Eat bugs, save the world.”


How can you argue with THAT? But don’t just trust me, look at what other smart, cool, attractive people are saying about Edible:


Daniella Martin

“Never didactic, Martin gently nudges readers toward open-mindedness at the prospect of eating bugs: ‘Why not make the best of what we have the most of?’ Regardless of readers’ culinary proclivities, Martin’s lively book poses timely questions while offering tasty solutions.” —Kirkus Reviews


“In this chatty, informative, and eminently readable manifesto–cum–food travelogue, Martin takes the reader along as she talks to chefs who cook with insects, muses about vegetarianism and veganism (and why being a vegan ultimately won’t work), collects corn earworms from a community farm, rhapsodizes on the flavor of sautéed waxworms, and, in general, turns us on to eating bugs.” —Booklist


“In this diverting read, the author, an expert on eating insects… makes an intelligent, well-formulated argument for cooking and eating insects… She alternates her discussion of the benefits of insect consumption with fascinating, humor-laced descriptions of jaunts to Thailand, Denmark, Japan, and other places she visited in search of six-legged delicacies from all over the globe. Pop sciences fans, adventurous eaters, and those interested in sustainable eating will all enjoy this intriguing take on the subject.” —Library Journal


“Daniella Martin makes the case that dragonflies, mealworms, beetle grubs, crickets, grasshoppers and bee larvae belong on the menu.” —Boston Herald


While you’re at it, check out these wonderful articles on Daniella and entomophagy on Salon, Huffington Post, and i09, with many more to come! And, of course, BUY A COPY!



Daniella Martin