Dirty Library

If You Give Two Millennials a Tumblr


… they might start a blog featuring dirty parodies of classic children’s books. That blog might just go viral, and then wind up with a book deal…


Such was the case for DIRTY LIBRARY by Mary Dauterman and Peter Antosh, out today from Running Press, and I’m so delighted to wish them a very happy book birthday!


DIRTY LIBRARY is an illustrated humor book for adults that reimagines 45 classic children’s book covers, giving them a delightfully twisted, raunchy, and hilarious new spin, plus fun illustrations, charts, and back covers, man-on-the-street opinions, readers’ guides, interviews, and much more. Parodies of popular children’s books include Green Eggs and Hammered, The Very Horny Caterpillar, Where the Girls Gone Wild Things Are, Are You My Baby Daddy?, and many more.


From The Bipolar Express, to Alice in Wonderbra, to The Indian Comes Out of the Closet, this is low-brow humor at its best (at least we think so). Mary’s hilarious, whimsical illustrations combined with Peter’s raunchy, pun-filled wordplay will give you a dirty new perspective on your favorite children’s classics.


Check out an excerpt on HuffPost Books here. And of course, buy a copy for yourself! DIRTY LIBRARY is available on Indiebound, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon.




Dirty Library is like if your childhood library was rewritten by a cynical, Internet-fluent stoner.”—The Hairpin


Totally hilarious parodies.”—Refinery29


Sure to ruin your childhood.”—DesignTAXI