Congratulations, Bryan Hurt!


We’re pleased to announce that Bryan Hurt has won the 10th Annual Starcherone Prize for Innovative Fiction for his story collection Everyone Wants to Be an Ambassador to France. The prize comes with publication next fall. Of the winning manuscript, Alissa Nutting (Author of Unclean Jobs for Women and Children and Tampa) writes that, “The breadth of this collection is a phenomenal celebration, and catalog of possibility, for the infinite versatility of short-form writing. Hurt’s fabulist imagination, wickedly dry humor, and core emotional truths challenge, dazzle, and ignite.”


Hurt is also the editor of an anthology of stories on the topic of surveillance, to be published this spring by OR Books. These new and recent works of fiction ask today’s most prominent and promising writers to reflect on and mine for inspiration from the surveillance culture in which we live: How does this constant surveillance affect us? How does it change the ways we behave as we seek approval or avoid judgment from an audience? How does this performance affect our identities, and our relationships? What does it mean to be watched? And do we really know who’s watching? Contributors include David Abrams, Aimee Bender, Chanelle Benz, T. C. Boyle, Cory Doctorow. Etgar Keret, Lincoln Michel, Jim Shepard and Juan Pablo Villalobos.